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Platinum Communication Multimedia Cable Specialist Inc. offers comprehensive warranty programs to guarantee the quality and performance of our structured cabling systems. We have made a commitment to continuously improve our quality with advances in technology. 

Performance Warranty 
To support our commitment to offer high performance and quality, we offer a 15-Year Limited Channel Performance Warranty. This warranty covers Platinum Communications Multimedia Cable Specialist Inc.'s category-rated channel components, such as: Category 6A, Category 6, and Category 5e modular connectors; patch panels; patch cords; and CAT 6e/CAT 5e UTP solid cables. 

Lifetime Site Warranty 
For complete end-to-end full system coverage, we offer a Lifetime Certified Site Cabling System Limited Warranty from ICC. This warranty is designed exclusively for our qualified customers. Our certified installers meet the eligibility requirements to install this system end-to-end. This offer to our customers gives them the added assurance that their structured cabling system will operate with excellent performance and reliability for life. Lifetime Site Warranty covers Category 5e-rated, Category 6-rated, Category 6A-rated products and Category 6e/5e horizontal UTP solid cables when installed end-to-end.